I am an Anglophile stuck in America. I cope through Doctor Who cosplay(River specifically). I also cosplay other things british like Being Human and Misfits. Enjoy!



Someone please stop me I am on my third margarita I broke up with tequila please send help




this fandom

we are literally spazzing out because a guy is meeting himself


living in a fandom that cheers for


before cosplay: yoooo i can't wait to cosplay

wearing cosplay: oh my god i look terrible i'm not going to cosplay ever again

after cosplay: yooooo i can't wait to cosplay again


i like music that makes me feel like wearing high heels and walking over the fallen corpses of a thousand men

I could have totally done Drunk River bitches. Because I had a lot of champagne and very sweet sparkling wines. I was literally modding a panel while sipping Korbel…I love con.

Hypocrisy, or, Why I frequently can’t deal with the Doctor Who fandom


To illustrate my point, let’s do a little thought experiment, shall we?

It’s simple but a bit arduous, so bear with me here.

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