I am an Anglophile stuck in America. I cope through Doctor Who cosplay(River specifically). I also cosplay other things british like Being Human and Misfits. Enjoy!



  1. Shark week has me being emotional. I am between crying and murderous rage.
  2. Friend was in a serious car accident
  3. System went down at work for awhile
  4. Basically had to tell someone to fuck off as they hurt not one but two of my friends
  5. Alex from Being Human jacket in my size on eBay(fucking amazing AllSaints jacket), auction suddenly ended likely due to someone making an offer and the seller took it. So no shot at that.
  6. computer i am trying to fix is fucking up.
  7. just bit my tongue
  8. my tea got cold
  9. cried last night
  10. will cry tonight
  11. scared what the rest of the week holds for me
  12. i am done

savvyliterate answered your question: River is too angry…

Charina has a theory that this is a post-Library River somehow.

She would…*cries

Here’s my day so far…

Our refrigerator is broken and everything half thawed last night while sleeping…

I have to work today and I made not one but probably two fuck ups this week…

and I have a broken fridge in house and people staying at my house all weekend!