I am an Anglophile stuck in America. I cope through Doctor Who cosplay(River specifically). I also cosplay other things british like Being Human and Misfits. Enjoy!


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Top 5 Convention Memories

Top five? Oh there are so many. But let’s get started.

5. Meeting John Barrowman at Dragon*Con

   So basically I had this idea for a photo. And when me and my husband finally get up there, we shake hands and I say “So I had this idea that you’re dip…” I barely got the word dip out, he already has his arm behind my back and is insisting for my leg. He pulls me in tight and away we go. Lovely photo. Here’s it is, it explains it best. Later at his table, I got to say “Hello Sweetie” to him and call him out for getting Alex drunk the night before she had to read lines for Eternity Clock. 


4. First time we put up the TARDIS with full sound and lights at Hurricane Who

 We got her down there and we were all a bit jet lagged from the overnight drive. We hadn’t even tested the sound really. Especially this new sound I got from BBC. It was the TARDIS hum. We thought hmm nice sound to leave running all the time. Little did we know the effect of surface transducers and that sound what it would produce. We turned it on and you felt the air change. She came alive, and when you placed a hand on her anywhere, it felt as if she was breathing. Just as Ian described so long ago in that junkyard. We all looked at each other and we knew everything had changed. It was more than just a prop. It was going to mean so much more to people. And she has over the year since then. It will be a moment I remember the rest of my life. 


3.Anything that happens at Hurricane Who after the con day is over. 

Guests and con goers hang out. I have literally sat around and drank with Tony Lee, Paul Bradford, Daphane Ashbrook, Aron Eisenberg, Andrew Beech(BBC archivist and DW experience curator), Terrance Dicks, Frazier Hines and Colin Baker. This con my friends is special. I love it to pieces. This year 17 of us tried to played Cards Against Humanity at once. It was a lovely disaster.image

2. Meeting my best friend and Amy Pond(and my Idris too)

So first dragon*con and we go up after the parade to do the collective Doctor Who gathering and shoot. Its there I meet Moonflowerlights having cosplay admired her on live journal. We hit it off immediately, and she and Tara(our Idris) fell asleep on my leg within like ten-15 minutes of meeting me.The next day I got to hang out with Rachael again while waiting for Mark Sheppard photo. I remember hugging her. We started talking to each other through Facebook and texts and haven’t stopped. if a day goes by we don’t talk its rare. We somehow just know each other so well. I even call her mum for fun :) We have gone through a lot these last few years and I am so glad we met. My life would be totally different(and much sadder) without her. 


 1. Meeting Alex Kingston

 Ok it wasn’t a full con. It was a one night event done by Hurricane Who Convention. But I was hell bent to go despite only going to be able to be in Orlando for 24 hours. I can keep a very cool head around celebrities but apparently I was obviously nervous around her. But I am not kidding you, she is literally the definition of stunning in person. Film and photos do not do her justice. I was dressed in Day of the Moon, full SA(minus wrong color boots), and when she was going into the room for photos, she stopped, wide eyed and pointed at me and my outfits. I barely got my composure back when I went to go up for my photo when she called me River. I got it back a second, long enough to tell her how i wanted the photo to be and she had to ask for direction twice because it was then I realized our arms were touching and God she smelled so good and was stunning as I said. So survived that (barely) and eventually went to go get autograph, bumbled through that she continued to just call me River despite knowing my name now, and God I hope I meet her again so I can try to me a normal damn person.


There are so many more and so many more friends and even memories I can’t share. Spoilers! 

I have been sick literally almost the entire month of October. This is awful. The coughing I can’t do this much longer I will just need to be put in the hospital and knocked out so I can get better. I am going to see the video showing of Alex Kingston in the Scottish play though dammit. That is happening tonight.


 Nought’s had, all’s spent,
Where our desire is got without content;
'Tis safer to be that which we destroy
Than by destruction dwell in doubtful joy.

(Macbeth III. ii.)

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What will be will be…

And so the hour draws nearer now, when we see our Doctor regenerate and change once again. I have seen his face change before and felt that twinge of pain like a death though it is not. And i loved the new face very soon, the new man yet always the same, and forget that pain. But yesterday it felt like a terminal diagnosis and I know the cracks of my heart are opening up. In this moment I have to admit that Eleven, that Matt is my Doctor. He always will be and nothing will be the same now. I have to accept this and accept the pain that will come with his regeneration. As I watched my husband leave the house today, dressed as the Doctor for a community event, my heart felt melancholy as I kissed him goodbye. And now the tears begin as I reflect on this. He looks so much like Matt and with cosplaying River, our lives have become intertwined with this Doctor and his wife. I learned from River how to love a man who is so much like the Doctor. I learned strength. For four years we have developed a family around this team TARDIS. But now that will fade though the friendships will not. We watched and held tight to our Ponds as they watched them leave. Now we know their emotions. We will have nothing new to look forward to. The TARDIS will change again someday and we’ll be as those before us, holding on to the memories. The day will come when our TARDIS we built sits in her trailer much too long. It is the end of a part of our lives. We will move forward to the next year for new adventures. But one day maybe our future son will put on a bow tie or even the Rory jacket I have and it will start again. Our future daughter will say she wants to be Clara and it all will be new again. Maybe they will fall in love with a future Doctor. And we’ll guide them and comfort them when their Doctor also regenerates. It will keep going on. It is a reflection of life. We are born, live and die. Everything and everyone dies. Doctor Who perhaps prepares us all for that more than any show. The lump in my throat right now tells me that it is a good work and the good work will continue. Its the living that matters. This Doctor has given us that and we’ll carry that until the end. Thank you to Steven Moffat, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvil and (for me most of all) Alex Kingston. Thank you all who believe in this show.

So apparently friend who met me the night I met Alex Kingston said it was like meeting a different person the second time we hung out…I literally was a different person who was unable to put words together well and was nervous…sigh. I am sorry Alex. I promise I can be cool…despite having a massive girl crush on you.

Bless the person who had Alex change into so many different dresses for the Doctor Who symphonic spectacular. That woman wears the same three dresses to everything. Not that I love her less for that. But it’s nice to see her in something different. 

Because I was married to a man everyone thinks is handsome, a heart throb, it made me feel unworthy. In the company of women who were ready to drop their knickers, I felt very insecure, worthless. Now I am on my own, I can say ‘Thank you’ when someone tells me I’m gorgeous, but I still can’t really believe it.

Alex Kingston (The Telegraph. 1996)

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